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Chief''s Corner - Chief Justin Geiss

Introducing Chief Justin Geiss

On January 5, 2023, Justin Geiss began his role as Fire Chief, filling the shoes of former Chief, Larry Gaspar, who accepted the Assistant Fire Chief position with the City of South Euclid. Chief Geiss, a longtime resident of Claridon Township, began his firefighting career in Chardon in 2004 as a parttime Firefighter/EMT. Shortly after joining Chardon Fire, he obtained his Paramedic certification. He has also served as a firefighter with the Perry Joint Fire District and the Munson Fire Dept., and also worked as a paramedic in an emergency room for two years. In December 2011, he was hired as a full-time firefighter/paramedic with Chardon, later being promoted to Fire Lieutenant in August of 2016, and assuming the duties of First Assistant Chief in 2021. Chief Geiss says that becoming a firefighter was not something he had always envisioned in his future. He worked in many other fields, including landscaping, construction, sales and banking, but explains that he never felt fulfillment in any of those jobs. However, after the events of September 11, 2001, he felt a strong desire to serve, and it was not until he began that journey, that he felt like he was doing what he was always meant to do. Chief Geiss says that “it has been a privilege to serve the residents and friends in the community that he lives in, adding that the Chardon Fire Department has been fortunate to have excellent leadership throughout the years, building the Department into what it is today. Former Chief Larry Gaspar will assume the role of First Assistant Chief, and with the help of Second Assistant Chief, Tom Hummel Jr., the Department will continue to build and grow with the community.” He adds that his role as the first full-time Fire Chief of the Chardon Fire Department will allow him to continue the level of service which the Chardon community deserves and has grown accustomed. Please join us in congratulating Chief Geiss as he steps into his new role as Fire Chief!  Contact him at



Fire Chief- Chief Justin Geiss:
Fire Inspector/Knox Boxes:  FF Ken Pritt, Sr.:
Community Risk Reduction: FF Ali Haefke -
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