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Chief's Corner - Chief Larry Gaspar, OFE

Spring / Summer  2019​

With the nice weather of spring and summer comes the unfortunate issue of more traumatic accidents, and brush fires.  We still get the residential EMS calls, and the occasional large fire, but May-August are known for their serious trauma calls.  We encourage our residents to keep an eye on their children near pools, recreational fires, and outdoor hazards.  Equipping the kids with bike helmets and pads is always a great idea.  In fact, there is a way to get free bike helmets for kids online.   Texting and driving, as well as driver inattention continue to produce deadly results on our highways.  And, as always, we encourage you to "Move Over For Lights and Sirens".

Keep an eye on our new and improved Chardon FIre Department website, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed (@chardonfire).  We often tweet out alerts, fire calls, and public service announcements. Feel free to call my office at any time to discuss department matters at 440-285-4665.  And be sure to friend us on Facebook.

-Chief Larry Gaspar